The ConTessa Blog, just like the rest of ConTessa's offerings, is as diverse and unique as the people who write the articles, themselves. We occasionally give direction to our writers depending on what we've seen of their work, but by and large we leave the 'what to write' question open to our contributors. 

We only have a couple of things we will not post: 

  • Social commentary. Particularly the popular 'takedown' format often used to shame creators for their creations, and members of the community for their opinions and/or actions. 
  • Feminist critique. While often a useful tool for dismantling the tropes and themes in works that limit women's participation, ConTessa is not the place for that sort of work.  

These two areas are already well-represented in blogs that discuss diversity in gaming, and we feel they're more suited to a personal blog as they are often based on deeply personal opinions, beliefs, perceptions, and knowledge. Instead, we'd rather focus on the following areas: 

  • Gamable Material: Monsters, settings, mini-adventures, random tables, house rules, and pretty much anything you can take and use in a game. 
  • Game Reviews: Positive or negative, just please avoid the social commentary / feminist critique route. If you find a piece of art or a portion of the text off-putting to you as a woman, feel free to write about how it makes you feel, but avoid attacking the creators for the work. They key difference is to make sure you are criticizing the work, and not the person. Also, avoid lecturing the creators on what they should do. Instead, write about the kinds of things you'd like to see, instead. 
  • Actual Play Reports: Talk to us about the games you're running! We'd be happy to post video and/or audio to go along with what you write about playing. 
  • New Game Releases: Particularly those by women. Do you have a game releasing? We'd be happy to let you write all about it on your own, or conduct an interview with you about your project! 
  • Convention Reports: Since we're primarily an organization that runs stuff at conventions, hearing about your convention experiences 
  • How-To: From knitting to building random dungeons. If you've got skill at anything related to gaming, and want to share it with the world, we'd love to post it! 
  • Game Design: Are you passionate about designing games, or even just getting into it? Talk about your favorite parts of design, how you might've gotten over a rough spot, what's important to you when designing, or pretty much anything to do with designing and creating games.  
  • Interviews: Interview a game developer, designer, or someone in the community you admire. 

There are two types of ConTessa contributors: 

  • Guest Contributor: Guest contributors can come back as many times as they like, and have no 'requirements' as to posting frequency. 
  • Staff Writers: We expect staff writers to post at a minimum of once a week. 

Blogging for ConTessa is a great way to hone your writing skills and build a following. While right now all writing positions are volunteer in nature, we are working on a way to pay our bloggers for their services. 

Got something that'll fit? Fill out the form below, and we'll get back to you ASAP! 

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