How Gen Con 2016 Is Shaping Up for ConTessa

Hello all! 

We're coming to the  end of Gen Con's event submission period (Monday, March 14th), so I thought I'd give you a walk-through of the events we have up on the board so far!

We're in need of about 10 more GMs for our Thursday Night Gaming event, and 3-4 for our Saturday Morning Cartoons event. Plus, we'd be happy to take on more LARPs or panels set any time on Friday or Saturday. If you've ever considered moderating a panel, this is a great opportunity. We'll submit your panel to Gen Con, help you find guests, and support your panel by showing up with ConTessa banners and swag. 

Sign up to run a game at our Thursday night event or a LARP, Workshop, Panel, or other event throughout the weekend, submit your game. 

Sign up to run a kid-friendly game at Playground Adventures' Saturday Morning Cartoons.

We'll take events submitted after the 14th, but we'd definitely prefer to get as many events into the Gen Con system by Monday as possible! For full-on information on what participating as a GM or moderator entails, check our our Gen Con 2016 info page


Thursday, August 4th

6P - 10P - The ConTessa Game Night
Over 30 women GMing in one space! This has become our flagship event for Gen Con. We've been given a great big room, and we fill it with women all running great games - whatever they like! We've still got some room left and are looking for GMs. To sign up to run your game, head over to our signup form

Friday, August 5th

1P - 2P - Exploring the Creative Process
Moderator: Stacy Dellorfano
Join Stacy as she talks to Monica Marlowe, Kiel Chenier, and Lynne Hardy about their entire creative process from inception to final creation. 

3P - 4P - Prepping for Rules Light Games
Moderators: Senda & Emily, from She's a Super Geek
Join Senda and Emily of the She's a Super Geek podcast along with some special guests to talk about how to plan to run rules light games.

7P - 8P - Paladins in Petticoats
Moderator: Jacqueline Bryk
Lolita is a popular, extremely feminine Japanese fashion that evokes the Rococo era. It's often misunderstood in the West, especially when one is both a Lolita and a gamer. So where do the two meet? 

Saturday, August 6th

8A - 12P - Saturday Morning Cartoons, Sponsored by Playground Adventures
Facilitator: BJ Hensley, owner of Playground Adventures
This event is specifically targeted at families and kids who want to run and play games. You bring the footie pajamas and cereal, and we'll bring the adventure! We could use a handful more GMs for this event, so if you'd like to run something for kids, come by and sign up

12P - 3P - Zombie Murder Mystery LARP
Run by: Emily McGlawn
Zombie Murder Mystery (ZMM) is your traditional murder mystery -- with a twist. Instead of having a murderer, you have a necromancer that has raised zombie hordes! Figure out who it is before the zombies get inside.

4P - 5P - Running Games for Kids
Moderator: Darcy Ross
Darcy will be joined by guests Lynne Hardy, James Walls & GM daughter Carrie Walls, Shanna Germain, John Harness, and possibly others to discuss the myriad of options and strategies on running games for kids. 

6P - 9P - Women Only System Design Boot Camp
Facilitator: Stacy Dellorfano
Stacy will be running the boot camp again this year! In this interactive workshop, women will be split up into groups and walk through a template system designed to get you through the arduous task of creating your own systems. Each group will walk away with a fully playtest-ready system by the end of the three hour session.