A Gen Con-Sized Thank You from ConTessa and the Editor

Hey ConTessans!

We wanted to take a moment after Gen Con to say the only two words that can come to our brains right now: Thank you. Seriously, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much. This was our biggest ConTessa yet and we literally couldn’t have done it without every one of our GMs, volunteers, panelists, and players. The games that came to ConTessa this year were absolutely incredible, from explosions of bubbles on a critical hit, to Lunchables as a game mechanic, to the yowling of so many cats. We’ve received a lot of feedback about those who GMed for us and it has all been glowing. Eyes were opened, hearts delightfully broken, and faces went red with laughter. Our GMs made the event feel not like just a convention of random individuals, but actually like a giant group of friends coming and going from our shared home.


Our LARPs went off swimmingly thanks entirely to the people running them and those who played. Each one was super popular, and it was so great to see everyone amped and ready for a great event. Our panels touched hearts and minds, with more smiling faces than we could count filing out of each. The panelists we had this year did a great job at each event, and we couldn’t be more grateful from those people bringing their voices to our audiences.


We'd also love to extend a huge thank you to our sponsors and our supporters. We received so many amazing donations that went into our daily raffles that, and this is simple fact, our winners were overwhelmed with all of the amazing choices available to them. You are all rockstars and it’s generous donations like these that make our mission possible. A big extra special thank you to the Dembowskis of Meeple Muse for donating the entirety of our lending library of games, they were a hit! And another extra special big thank you to the anonymous donor (you know who you are) that made that donation to bring Bea to plushie-life and helped make this whole thing possible.

We spoke to so many people who were deeply touched by what they ran with us and, most importantly of course, everyone had a ton of fun. There’s no way to say thank you enough times to cover the way we feel. From all of us here at ConTessa, from the very bottom of our hearts, thank you!

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Letter From the Editor

I just wanted to add my own personal note, because as the editor I’m allowed to do that. This was my first Gen Con, not only as ConTessa staff but in general as well. I’m truly overwhelmed with emotion from last week, to a point where I nearly can’t put into words the way I feel. Every one of you, those on our staff, our GMs and panelists, and our players, all made me feel like an extended family. I feel like I made instant friends and I’m just utterly stunned by the community around me. Stunned, but not at all surprised. I always knew that people this amazing existed in the gaming community, that people who I meshed with so well were just waiting for me to meet them. I know this might be cliche, but this was sincerely a weekend I’ll never forget. Thank you each and every one of you for turning my world upside down in the best way possible.

- Emily