A Printable Safety Card For Your Table

In our previous blog post about safety tools, we discussed what they are, and how they can make a game safer and more inclusive. In this post, I'd like to share a safety tool I created for convention play, and how to use it.

I was at Queen City Conquest this year, where I ran (and played) a bunch of games in the ConTessa space. What immediately caught my eye was a very conscious decision to make the gaming spaces inclusive and safe. There were free pronoun stickers near the registration area, safety ambassadors with signs everywhere clearly stating who they were, and a safety mechanics card at every table. The card had a big X on one side, with information about safety mechanics and tools on the flip side.


It was that safety card that inspired me to create my own, with a few tweaks. It contains three safety tools in the front: The X Card, The Consent Traffic Light, and Script Change. While this blog has discussed what the X Card and Script Change are as safety tools, I want to focus on the Consent Traffic Light, and what it is.

The consent traffic light is a tool used in teaching and learning about consent, as part of sexual health and education. Like a traffic light, if someone says stop or maybe, you do not continue - YOU STOP. Only when the light is green, do you proceed forward. Even though this tool is used within sex-ed, teaching consent is universal and can be applied to any situation.

Within games, especially in immersive roleplaying ones, this is a great way to signal what you AS A PLAYER want, regardless of what your character within game is experiencing. Similar to the X Card and Script Change, you tap the appropriate traffic signal light during play when something ambiguous occurs to show your consent without requiring you to break character.

Like all safety tools, this isn't the end-all or be-all of safety. This is simply another method in which to address issues at the table; a conversation facilitator. But for now, here's a printable PDF of the safety card that you can use at your table, whether its at a con, or at home.

A few acknowledgements:

Mariam Ahmad