Actual Play! Awake: First Steps on a New World

GM: Kyrinn S. Eis

Acting as part of the Imperial Scout Services, you and your crew mates represent the most open-minded, scientifically-based, curious, and adventurous individuals in the Sphere of Stars. The ISS mission is to explore galactic space, chart stars, and survey systems.

Based upon a prior start charting mission, the Av system, in one of the outer arms of the spiral galaxy is remarkable for the number of planets it contains, with three showing great possibility of supporting life. Of the three, the third orbit (and second of these worlds) shows the greatest promise: Verdant landmasses with a very active ‘rain cycle’. Probe data suggests that the entire system is rife with proto-starfaring cultural artifacts and the planet registers on several key power signatures across the globe.

You are the first (known) crew sent to touch down and explore the surface, collecting samples of all sorts, and data on flora, fauna, and any indigenous peoples. Good luck, and may the Emperor smile upon your mission.