Actual Play! Crone - Mystery in Highguard

GM: Michelle Bernhardt

“Occasionally, a particularly reckless or remote village will think to burn some poor girl for the “crime” of witchcraft. It should go without saying that the “witches” these villagers put to the flames are nothing of the sort, or else there would be many more villages populated exclusively by talking frogs or charred corpses. It should be noted that burning “witches” is generally frowned upon by real crones, and a village found to have committed this sin is liable to be wiped clean off the face of the earth.” -The Sister’s Codex

The Jarl of Highguard lays dead. His wife is accused of witchcraft and murder. And his son… well, he’s kind of a ponce. It’s up to you to set things right in Highguard, discover the truth of the Jarl’s murder… or simply sod the whole thing and turn everyone into frogs.

This will be a low-combat, mystery and roleplaying focused session. Come explore the world of CRONE with us!

Crone is a game about witches, wizened old women who wield vast magical power. These witches don’t build gingerbread houses or eat naughty children – well… most don’t. Instead, they travel the land, going on adventures, visiting ancient ruins, fighting powerful monsters, and trying their best to bring hope back to a world that has almost forgotten it. For more information, check out our website and beta at!