Actual Play! Fiasco: Bookhounds of London


GM: Sarah

System: Fiasco

Bookhounds of London is set in the titular city in the 1930s. You are one of a rare breed, specializing in tracking down books of unspeakable dark magics and depravity. You’re desperate enough not to look to closely at who is paying you to find a particular tome reportedly wrapped in human skin or to wonder why they want it. You suspect if you knew, you might never sleep again.

Fiasco is a GM-less storytelling game that is played using a dice pool and lists that come with the playset. Characters, desires, settings, and details are picked according to the value of the dice, and are the foundation used to build scenes. Sarah will be facilitating and answering questions, but the game is steered by everyone. Your character’s plans will likely go horribly wrong, and if they’re really lucky, they might make it out alive and sort of intact. This playset uses The Ninth GateCronos, and From Hell as examples for the feel of the game, and you should expect adult language, references to various cults, and possibly your brain leaking out of your ears.

This playset is a crossover between the Trail of Cthulhu setting, Bookhounds of London, and Fiasco. It was written by Kenneth Hite and Will Hindmarch.

You can watch Wil Wheaton play Fiasco on Tabletop, and the playset we’re using is here. We’ll be using Google Hangouts and Roll20 to play. Feel free to look over stuff if you have time, but no experience is necessary.