Actual Play! Monsterhearts: ConTessa

GM: Jennifer Martin

You know that movie with the sparkly vampires? This is not that game.

Monsterhearts may start with high school monsters and romance, but it goes further, deeper, darker. Mix in a shot of fear and a splash of secrets and you get the bubbling, oozing cauldron that is monsters dealing with teenage problems.

You are a student at Salem* High School. You are also a monster (though perhaps still human). You live among mortals and navigate the complicated minefield that is being a teen. We’re going to explore your wildest dreams and the nightmares you haven’t spoken aloud.

Monsterhearts can contain triggers- we will establish lines and veils together before play.

Monsterhearts is built on the Apocalypse World engine. You have four stats- Hot, Cold, Volatile and Dark. When you do a thing, you’ll roll 2 six sided dice and add/subtract the applicable stat. If your total is 10+ you succeed. If your total is 7-9 you might succeed, but you’ll probably have to make a hard choice. If your total is 6 or below the MC (GM) makes your life interesting.

(* not that Salem)