Actual Play! Red Mists: A W:tA Game in Patricia Briggs's Mercy Thompson World

Gm'd by Stacy Dellorfano.

Description: A new drug has hit the streets of Bellingham, WA called BM38, a potent injectable liquid that seems a lot like PCP in some ways, and a lot like heroin in others. It can cause intense feelings of euphoria along with increased strength, heightened perception, and more and more recently, violent tendencies. 

It's thought to be supernatural in nature, threatening to cast a pall on the ongoing public 'outing' of supernatural creatures, not to mention it has the potential to unravel the civilized world as a whole. Where'd it come from? Who's behind it? How do you stop it? Find out! 

We'll be using the Werewolf: the Apocalypse general rules and system for the game, but I've tossed out all of the mythology and setting provided by World of Darkness to instead set the game in Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson series world (