Actual Play! The Lamentations Random Dungeon Challenge


For this, I'm not actually going to run the game, but I'm going to facilitate the challenge.

I (Stacy) have generated a random dungeon filled with random creatures and random loot set to use the Lamentations of the Flame Princess (LotFP) system. The volunteer GM won't see the dungeon until the day of the event, and the players won't create characters until the character generation time at the start of the game.

Here's how it will go:

An hour before the event starts, the GMs will each be given an identical PDF with their dungeon laid out before them. I've searched and replaced the name of some monsters with more unique names given to me by the GMs, but that is the only difference. All treasure, stats, and everything else is exactly the same.

At 2:00 Pacific, we begin broadcasting and the players get 30 minutes to generate their characters. This should be ample time to strategically set up your group for maximum damage. You'll all be level 3!

At 2:30 Pacific, the challenge begins! Both dungeons will run simultaneously on air. The groups each have three hours to explore as many rooms, kill as many monsters, and collect as much treasure as they can before the challenge is up.

After the game, we'll get tallies from the GMs as to how much loot as looted, how many rooms were explored, and how much experience was amassed.

Gameplay ends when one of the following criteria are met: The entire party dies. You only get one character, so make it count! The entire dungeon is explored, leaving no crevice unturned. The three hour time slot ends, and so does the game!