Actual Play! Trash Planet: Lonely Moon

GM: Shoe Skogen

THE GAME Trash Planet! is a simple, scroungepunk, sci-fi game where the characters are living on a spaceship, existing on of the scraps of the wealthy who left this system to rot. It is played with a healthy mix of violence and slapstick – dark, but energetic. Most of all, it’s easy to learn and fun to play.

THE PREMISE Many centuries ago, the humans – already spreading slowly and meticulously through space – discovered the Wormhole. Any object passing through the Wormhole would re-appear, instantly, light-years away in an uncharted sector of space. On the other end of the Wormhole was a paradise: a large cluster of planets teeming with resources, all quite like Earth. A home away from home.

It wasn’t long before the different planets back home began colonizing these new worlds. Over time, anybody with the cash went through, taking their infrastructure with them. Not you, though. You’re one of the teeming masses, stuck at the old homestead – hanging out with Sol.

On the bright side, all the rich people left all their junk behind.

THE WORLD There isn’t a lot of fancy stuff. What fancy stuff exists is very hard to get and very, very very expensive. Most everything the characters have is either cobbled together from junk and spare parts, or recycled and repaired to death. The food’s pretty decent, if you like textured soy. A decent cook is a hot commodity. Most people have the basic skills to make simple things for themselves. Most people can solder, carve, build simple furniture, and sew. Same with basic repairs. Maybe rich people don’t have to know those things, but the rest of us do. Junkyards are a commodity. Yes, people fight over landfill territory. There isn’t any universal set of standards – we’ve gone back to the cubit, the kip, the bushel. We have some strange critters wandering around in space, stuff we never had back on Terra. Some are pretty nice, some are downright helpful. Others are terrifying and will kill you pretty dead.

There aren’t skyscrapers, not any more. There aren’t road crews. No police force, no real armies. No United Nations. No spacious office buildings or System government. There isn’t a….well, there isn’t *any* industry.

What *is* however, is lots and lots of trash. That’s what we use to build our world.

CHARACTER CREATION Shuffle a deck! Draw four. Use the chart below to determine your stat: A = 5 J, Q, K = 4 8, 9, 10 = 3 4, 5, 6, 7 = 2 2, 3 = 1

Apply the numbers you get (1-5) to the following stats: ♢ Clever: Solve a Problem, Make a Plan, Manipulate, Pants It ♠ Crafty: Make something, Fix Something, Hack Something ♡ Connected: Make friends. Make stories. Wrangle beasties. Find help. ♣ Cussed: Do Violence, Survive Trauma, Make ‘em or Take It.

Ask your character the following things: Three Adjectives: What are you like? Describe yourself in three words. Three Objects: What did you find in a junkyard, and carry with you? Three Skills: What are you really good at? What do you love to do?

That’s it – you’re done! I’ll see you on TRASH PLANET!