Actual Play! World of Darkness: Jumanji

GM: Shoe Skogen

System: World of Darkness (nWoD)

It was supposed to be fun. A hike through the forest. A picnic on the beach, with a bonfire to follow. Music, food, friends – booze, of course – all in all, the perfect end to a sweltering summer day. A birthday party.

Then everything got a bit…weird.

— You remember Jumanji, right? That silly film about a board game that sucks people in? Or maybe you’ve played the board game yourself. It’s a bit of silly good fun. Well, you haven’t seen it like this. The World of Darkness is like our own but grimmer, darker, and much stranger. There are horrors there, and not all of them can be understood. Not all of them can be defeated. Some of them can’t even be escaped. There are things in the jungle, and they won’t fit into any taxonomy ever made. There are places unwalked by human feet…but far from empty.

This game will have pre-generated human characters (Mortals, in wod terms), with a diverse set of skills. There will also be a set of supernatural powers (Second Sight, that is) that players can choose. The game is one part survival horror, one part action movie, one part black comedy. Whatever it is, it exists very, very off the beaten path.

Are you ready to play?