Amped Up For Gen Con!


Hello everyone! Long time no write! It's been a challenging few months to keep up with ConTessa, but I'm happy to say that our recruitment pages for Gen Con launched on time! It looks like we'll be occupying the same space we did last year (yay!), so we've got plenty of room for lots of events. 

This year, we're adding in a couple new events to utilize our space in a fun way. The first will be a competitive run through a DCC adventure with prizes for those who survive, a four pack of board game competitions featuring games like 7 Wonders and King of Tokyo, and a pack of D&D 5E Adventurer's League games! 

Plus, we still have one more block of time we're looking for an event for in our 20+ table space, so if you have any ideas, send them my way!

Last year, we had an incredible turn out with three times our growth! This year, we're looking to fill up our events as full as possible to continue that trend of growth.

If you weren't with us last year, it was the first time Gen Con gave us a completely dedicated space to run our games. We had 20 round tables plus a number of rectangular tables, a nifty donated board game library, and of course lots and lots of games! We've come to describe the space as a "safer space", with many of our GMs telling us they enjoyed coming by even when they weren't running their games because it felt like coming home. 

We're always happy to have new faces! Even if you're GMing for the first time, this is a great, positive environment to get your feet wet! 

Check out our full event page to make your submissions, and check out below to see all the fun we had last year at Gen Con 50! 

Stacy Dellorfano