An Interview with Ariana Ramos

Interviews with 2013 Participants: In this series, we've asked the women who ran events in June to talk to us about the whole experience so you can get an inside view of what it's like to run events!

Say hi, and tell everyone a little about yourself and what you did at ConTessa 2013. How did you choose those events?

I have been doing freestyle roleplay boards for the longest time. I played D&D early in my college years, being married to a fellow nerd I encouraged him to try it out and thus came the finding of new games. FATE, Fiasco, Apocalypse World, and more! I was encouraged by Jamie Sue to attempt GMing for Contessa 2013 and that since I am a big fan of Monsterhearts, I should run it since the first group for Monsterheart had been filled up so quickly.

What was the best part?

There was a moment of pure joy when I twisted the story and everyone's brain was blown during my game. Also jumping into GMing. I tend to enjoy always being a player it was nice to get into the game, knowing the rules and guiding the characters. I learned to be a huge fan of the characters/player and I also learned how difficult it was to prepare and when to let go. You have an amazing plot? Well... it's good to be flexible in case your gang runs the other way.

If you had ultimate power (muahahaha), what would you change for ConTessa 2014?

Perhaps more panels with people being able to ask questions. Like: RP for Beginners or Games Written By Badass Women or Female Empowering Games. In the future it would be cool to see it to be a physical convention... because a nice little safe place for me to attend my hobbies would be great.

Why is ConTessa important to you?

Not all conventions are created equal. You always hear how most conventions are welcoming towards women but sometimes even the slightest remarks from some people could you put you off. When you're new to some thing, you should be allowed to ask questions, you should be allowed to make mistakes. ConTessa felt like a welcoming group that just wanted to encourage women to play and for everyone else to come along. Jamie Sue was encouraging and amazing on telling me I could totally do this and guess what? I did and it was so much FUN! So play some games!