An Interview With Laura Tomaja

Interviews with 2013 Participants: In this series, we've asked the women who ran events in June to talk to us about the whole experience so you can get an inside view of what it's like to run events!

Say hi, and tell everyone a little about yourself and what you did at ConTessa 2013. 

Hi, I’m Laura! I’m your average late 30’s girl, and moderated a panel called “I’m a 30-year-old D&D N00b."

How did you choose those events?

As the panel title states, I didn’t start playing PnP RPG’s until I was over 30. I wanted to share that experience with others, to help older first-time gamers feel more comfortable and give more experienced gamers tips on how to get their friends involved in a game.

What was the best part?

I met a lot of great people through the ConTessa forums! It was also really awesome to have interaction during the hangout, and to see the comments from those who watched later.

If you had ultimate power (muahahaha), what would you change for ConTessa 2014?

Add more game systems, or more GM’s who are ok with people not knowing the full system. :) I didn’t play any games at ConTessa 2013 because many GM’s requested that you know the system beforehand. I only play Pathfinder and some home-brew games, so it’s difficult to learn a new system before an online game.

Why is ConTessa important to you?

It’s great to be able to meet other gamers from all over the world. It’s also a great way for women to be reminded that there are lots of us who play games out there, even if you can’t find any in your hometown.