An Interview With Meguey Baker

Interviews with 2013 Participants: In this series, we've asked the women who ran events in June to talk to us about the whole experience so you can get an inside view of what it's like to run events!

Say hi, and tell everyone a little about yourself and what you did at ConTessa 2013. How did you choose those events?

Hi folks! I am Meguey Baker and I write role-playing games! I also work as a textile conservation specialist, raise three boys with my husband Vincent, and teach sex ed whenever I can. I've been playing rpgs since 1978. Last year at ConTessa I ran PsiRun:The Pursuit, the on-line version of my game PsiRun. I was also on a couple different panels on game design and independent publishing. I chose those events because those were the things I wanted to talk about.

What was the best part?

The panels went great, but I do think the best part was the game! It ran all weekend, and we had a really nice story with a great heroine named Tess. I look forward to running it again this spring! This game is quirky in that it runs in a g+ thread, not in a hangout. Players could drop in and out all week-end. I found players to be enthusiastic and courteous, and we had a really good time discovering Tess's abilities to manipulate temperature and eventually to fly away from her pursuers on a rush of super-heated air.

If you had ultimate power (muahahaha), what would you change for ConTessa 2014?

More bridge building to other communities of feminists who just want there to be better representation and acknowledgement of the women active throughout gaming and the convention scene.

Why is ConTessa important to you?

Any place that focuses on giving more women a place to run games and panels, to play games, to feel invested in the event, and to be a place where everyone can feel comfortable and relaxed is good by me.