ConTessa @ Acadecon 2019


This year, ConTessa is happy to announce we’ll be back at Acadecon with a full presence! GM with us and game with us in our safer space, and be part of the ConTessa family!

Acadecon’s Kickstarter will start on March 21st. On or before that date, we’ll open up submissions for events with ConTessa. As always, ConTessa GMs get a gift bag, access to our supplies and snacks, and access to our safer space during the convention. Help us spread the word about the Kickstarter!

From The RPG Academy:

AcadeCon is back!

The RPG Academy’s premier tabletop gaming convention returns to the Dayton Convention Center November 8th through the 10th. AcadeCon is a convention not just focused on playing well-known RPGs and boardgames, but also a convention for learning new things and discovering new friends. There are so many great games offered at AcadeCon including: Cypher system games, things Powered by the Apocalypse, Shadow of the Demon Lord, Dread, Wushu, Fate, Mouse Guard, Dungeon Crawl Classics and many more!

This year AcadeCon will also have ConTessa running games and a Games on Demand! Program.

AcadeCon is not JUST for role playing games though. The ever-growing AcadeCon board game library will be available once again and it is free to use for all badge holders. There will also be Game demos by RPG and boardgame designers hoping to teach you their games and get feedback on their current designs.

There’s so much to do at AcadeCon - Live shows including live podcast recordings by some of your favorite RPG podcasters, seminars on a variety of topics including running RPGs, designing RPGs, Kickstarting projects, self-publishing fiction and more.

AcadeCon punches well above its weight when it comes to guests and due to its small size (around 500 attendees last year) your ability to spend quality time with these guests, get into the events they are running or even have them join the events you’re running is almost unprecedented.

Head over to http://AcadeCon.Com  for a full list of confirmed guests.

The Kickstarter for AcadeCon will go live on March 21st and run until April 20th. The Kickstarter allows the RPG Academy to ensure they will have the funds to cover all their upfront costs like the venue deposit and bringing the special guests. Purchasing your badge through the Kickstarter guarantees a great convention and is your chance to score a discounted rate on the regular 3-day badge.

Also, don’t forget we love our GMs so we are offering special discounted GM badges for those willing to run a couple events while you’re there. A limited number of VIP Badges and Demo Badges will be available as well. For all the information about the event head over to http://AcadeCon.Com  and be ready for the Kickstarter on 03/21 and help make this year, the best AcadeCon yet. AcadeCon – gaming with friends, old and new!

Acadecon 2019 is bound to be a great time! Stay tuned to our social media channels and here for more information on event submissions!

Stacy Dellorfano