ConTessa @ Gen Con 2016: The Round-Up

It's almost been a month since Gen Con, and it's finally time to check in again with the after-report! We had a great convention! We ran more events in one con than we have since we started going to in-person conventions and - once again - all our games sold out in record time! A big thanks to everyone who came and played, we hope to see you again next year and at all our other events!

Thursday Night Game Night

We had a great turnout this year despite weather-related delays that happened to nearly everyone who came to the con! 

Friday & Saturday Panels

We ran a variety of panels that covered topics such as: Exploring the creative process, prepping for rules light games, a primer on the Lolita fashion trend (and its intersection with gaming), and tabletop gaming with kids. 

Great news, too! We got audio for all, and video for one of our panels, so we'll be sharing that out here on the blog over the next couple of weeks. 

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Our most touching and awesome event this year was Saturday Morning Cartoons, made possible by the kind folks at Playground Adventures. It was extra special early in the morning, but the kids didn't seem to mind! It was great seeing the next generation digging into these fun games and adventures coming out aimed right at them. 

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

Adventure-a-WeekAll Rolled UpBig Bad Con, Dwarven Forge, Encoded DesignsGnome Stew/Engine PublishingHydra Cooperative, Lori Caskey-SigetyOpen Gaming StorePlayground AdventuresStorium, and Third Act Publishing. You made it possible for us to fund all the events we wanted!  

Special Thanks to Companies Who Carried Our Programs

Adventure-a-WeekArc Dream Publishing,  Chaosium, Cubicle 7, The ENniesLamentations of the Flame PrincessModiphius EntertainmentMonte Cook Games, Onyx Path, PCGen, Pelgrane Press, and Playground Adventures. You all made it possible for us to spread the word! 

Thanks to All of Our Panelists

Abigail Davis, Shanna Germain, John Harness, Monica Marlowe, Kiel Chenier, Lynne Hardy, Senda Linaugh, Emily Morgan, Phil Vecchione, James Walls, and Carrie Walls talked, laughed, and even got a little sniffly with us. Thanks for carving out the time to be there! 

BIG Thanks to Our Volunteers

These folks not only ran games and other events for ConTessa, but also gave us a little more of their time to help run signs around, herd cats, and generally keep the place moving smoothly. 

Tara Zuber, Savannah Broadway, Jacqueline Bryk, Darcy Ross, Ethel Buster, and Amancay CT Kugler guarded hallways, took tickets, and lugged around stuff. Thank you so much! 

...and All Our GMs Who Came to REPRESENT!

A great big chunk of the work we do at ConTessa is in putting forward the normalcy of women being in leadership positions in the tabletop roleplaying game world. In order to make that important level of representation happens, we need GMs to come and represent! Here are the awesome women (and a few men) who came together to push the needle this year: 

Lynne Hardy, Sarah Bonilla, Savannah Broadway, Amanda Talley, Rachel Phelps, Tara Zuber, Monica Marlowe, Darcy Ross, Carrie Walls, Evie Walls, Jennifer Walls, Emily Morgan, Senda Linaugh, Shannon Slakinski, Emily Reinhart, Alyssa Dailey, Susan Pratt, Suwada Hinds, Vera Devera, Sarah Edwards, Amancay CT Kugler, Jacqueline Bryk, Steven Helt, Stephen Rowe, Dan Dillon, BJ Hensley, Jenny Jarzabski, Emily McGlawn, and Ethel Buster. You are the true stars of the show! 

Lastly!! Thanks to the Diana Jones Award Committee

Lastly, a super special thanks to the Diana Jones Award Committee for nominating ConTessa this year! It was a fun party, and an amazing group of people! Huge congrats to Eric Lang for the win!

Where We'll Be Next

Already jonesing for more ConTessa action? We aim to please! We've got one con coming up this year and a record four in the planning stages for next year if we can fund them all! 


  • November 11-13: U-Con in Ann Arbor, Michigan


  • February 18-10: ConTessa's Big Gay OnCon (Virtual Convention)
  • August 17-20: Gen Con 2017
  • TBD: U-Con
  • TBD: Geek Girl Con