ConTessa Trans Policy

The news has been rough this week. The news has been rough especially for weeks now, but this week hits our community hard. In lieu of that, and in lieu of still receiving questions, we’d like to take a moment to re-state and clarify part of ConTessa’s LGBT policy. 

ConTessa supports trans people. Full stop. In the past, that perhaps hasn’t always been as clear as maybe it could have been, but it felt so obvious at the time that we didn’t feel it needed further explanation. However it has always been ConTessa’s policy that, regardless of your past, regardless of any other factors, if you say “I’m a woman” then you are a woman and you were welcome to anything we were doing at ConTessa in the name of women. That is still the case. If you’re a woman, we’ve got a table ready for you at any ConTessa Women events. 

With the recent broadening of our definitions, we would have hoped it was abundantly clear what our position on trans individuals was, but perhaps it could be restated. If you identify on the LGBT spectrum, if you are trans and/or non-binary and/or genderqueer and/or genderfluid or any definition you have that isn’t “cis and straight” then you are enthusiastically welcome under the QueerTessa banner. 

ConTessa welcomes trans people with open arms. We always have and always will. Do not for a second let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Emily Danvers