ConTessa @ U-Con 2016: Call for GMs

Year over year, ConTessa has grown in the ways and places we reach out with our event, and this year is no exception! Last year, Gen Con was our very first face-to-face convention. This year, we've already completed another stunning Gen Con run with expanded content and more events, and we're gearing up to run events at a second convention! 

U-Con, a historic convention located in Ann Arbor, Michigan will be hosting a room of ConTessa games throughout the convention. U-Con is a still-growing convention that began in 1988 at the University of Michigan, and moved to a local hotel in 2011. The convention features a wide range of events from board games to RPGs (and everything in-between).

What Will We Be Doing? 

ConTessa will be running a room throughout the convention for our GMs to run games in. In addition, we'll be hosting a breakfast meet & greet for all the women coming to GM on Saturday morning so we can make some new friends without the pressures of running games. 

All our events are defined by the GMs and moderators who volunteer. Run any game you like with us, and we'll make sure it shows up in both the ConTessa track and whatever category it normally would include. Have an idea for a panel or another non-gaming idea you'd like to run under the ConTessa banner? Shoot me an email, and I'd love to chat with you about it! 

Please remember, in order to be a ConTessa GM, you must be a woman or non-binary, but anyone can play! 

GM Incentives

For GMing at one of our events, you'll receive a free badge for the entirety of the convention courtesy of U-Con as well as a special ConTessa Thank-You bag featuring a commemorative ConTessa @ U-Con T-Shirt and additional swag provided by ourselves, the convention, and our sponsors. 

How to Sign Up

Pre-registration event deadline for sign-up is September 15th, so get your games in ASAP! To register, head to the U-Con Event Submission Form, and provide all the information necessary for your event. It'll ask you things like your name, address, and so on, plus a title for your game, description, and how many players you'd like. 

Under the portion that reads 'Comments for event coordinator', let them know that you'd like your game to be added to the ConTessa track. Your game can be part of multiple tracks, so if you see another track it could also belong to, let the coordinator know. 

You'll get three choices for your scheduling preferences. Schedule your game for whatever works best for you, but I'd avoid Saturday morning so you can attend your breakfast! 

Once you've submitted your first game, you'll need to submit a $10 deposit on your GM badge, but you will get that back at the convention! Feel free to submit more than one game! We'll have the room all weekend (I'll be running two, myself). 

After you've submitted your event, please drop me an email to let me know!