ConTessa wants YOU to run games at GenCon

Since we put out our open call for GMs back in February, some exciting things have been going on behind the scenes. While plans are still being finalized, one important detail has changed. We'll now be running games of all kinds on Thursday, July 30th, from 6 - 10 PM, followed by an awesome meetup. 

Which is where you come in. Right now we have 14 amazing GMs running tabletop RPGs, board games, and a LARP, but we want MORE! Help us fill the big room GenCon is offering us with women running games! There are two ways you can help us realize this:

If you identify as a woman, run for us! We're planning both two and four hour slots, and you can run any system you want! More of a board or card game person? Come and run some demos! Into LARPs? We want you too!

Share this on all your social media! Sometimes we forget that our corner of the internet is tiny, and we appreciate any help in boosting our signal.

We need to submit our plans to GenCon this Friday, so time is running short! To sign up to help, please email, and one of our hard working staff members will get you set up. Help us #chickupthejoint!