Dads & Daughters: Miles & Alice

Dads & Daughters is a series exploring the origins and dynamics of fathers who play and create roleplaying games with daughters of all ages. 

Daughter with her first dice bag (custom from ) on her 5th birthday

Daughter with her first dice bag (custom from on her 5th birthday

Give us a little introduction of yourselves, and a picture of your gaming life together. What are your names and how old are you?

I'm A. Miles Davis (the A does not stand for awesome), I've written a couple RPGs and am working (slowly) on some other analog games.

My daughter is Alice, she's 5 and really starting to get into all kinds of games.  Danger is her middle name, literally.


How long have you been playing together, and what kind of games do you enjoy?

Really solidly for about the last year, as she's started to grasp the way rules work in different games and gotten better at using controllers.

We play board games, card games, video games, and tabletop roleplaying games.  

She has played Numenera with the family (my wife, mother, brother, and his girlfriend. I ran it).

She's also played 5th edition D&D both at home and at a local convention.  She's got a dwarf monk named Bubblegum who uses fists and hammers to beat up the badguys.

We've got kid-friendly board games, and I just taught her to play a game by a local designer called Rumble (it's like Uno but fun).

Disney Infinity is probably her favorite video game at the moment.  I'm slowly introducing her to Dungeons & Dragons Online.

Do you also create games or gaming material together? If so, what sorts of things have you made?


She came up with her own concept for a board game about pirate animals, including a first design of the board (using bath crayons on our tub's tile wall), and the core rules. I built the rest of the rules based on what she decided should be in the game, we're working on a prototype currently, and need to get artwork done.

We've put together her own monster manual after she was very inspired by the 5e MM.  She did the art and decided what the monsters were/did, I wrote it down.  She was all about those mimics and mummies, but also came up with some original creatures of her own.

She also currently has another creature she came up with for sale on gumroad.  All money for that goes to helping her buy a robot puppy.


Tell us how you got into gaming together. Was it something you planned all along, did she prod you into it, was it a combination of both, or is there another story there?

I’m a schemer.  I planned to introduce her to games of all kinds, because they’re great ways to spend time together.  Games also promote creativity, support reading and math skills in a fun way, and the best games teach cooperation and teamwork skills.  As she got bigger, I’d just show her things and ask if she wanted to try.  It’s a slow process, but I’ve built up a considerable library of digital and analog games for us to enjoy as a family.


What’s your favorite thing about making and playing games with your daughter?

It’s something I enjoy that I get to share in a way a lot of other people just don’t really get. That and just letting her be brilliantly imaginative.


Alice’s Own Questions:

The Mummy she drew for her monster book.

The Mummy she drew for her monster book.

What’s your favorite game at the moment, and why?

Ants in the Pants, because everybody can play it.

What’s your favorite thing about making and playing games with your dad?

Because I always win.

In your own words, tell us about your awesome pirate animal board game.

It has mermaids, underwater raccoons, giant sea monsters, and sharks.

Tell us a story about one of your favorite game moments or tell us about a favorite character. Anything goes!

We were at a game convention (Chupacabracon). I played Bubblegum and rolled 20 to hit a big monster and the whole table went hilarious.

How many more monsters do you have to sell to get a robot puppy?

Zero!  I sold some and saved up my allowance.