Founder's Forum #1


Welcome to the relaunch of ConTessa!

In February, we held our second annual convention. We had a great time, and took away from the experience an even tighter idea of what it was we wanted to do in the future. In August, almost all of the staff met at Gen Con, where we found ourselves sitting on the carpeted floor of Hoosier Hall talking about the kind of things we wanted to see from the convention going forward.

It started out as a quick meeting to chat while we let our feet rest, and ended up a few hours worth of planning and talking. It was amazing.

Rebuilding the blog is the first step towards turning those plans into reality. We’ve got many more steps in the works, and they’ll be rolling out in the coming weeks and months. I’m really excited about what’s coming down the pipe, so I want to give you a quick sneak preview in this first Founder’s Forum.

What you can look forward to:

  • We’ve changed formats from a single annual convention to several events throughout the course of the year. Some will be big, some will be small.
  • We’ve added several new voices to the blog, and we’re looking to add more. We’ll be featuring columns, articles, interviews, gaming news, and a whole lot more. We’d like to keep the blog moving all year with new goodies.
  • We’re working on putting up a set of forums available to women only with some public and some private forums.
  • Along with the forums, we’ll have available user profiles that will go into a big list of women who freelance in the RPG industry.
  • We’ll be offering easy-to-create events by any user and concierge service for getting those events created in the G+ community.

With that, we’re getting rid of a few things, too:

  • Once we get rid of all the stuff we currently have, we’re going to cease physical mailings. We just don’t have the time available to do that and keep running awesome events.
  • Contests will take a backseat. We’ll have fewer of them spread out throughout the course of the year.
  • Sponsors were fun to have, but the amount of bookkeeping, communication, and upkeep to get them all in there was prohibitive, so we’ll be removing that as well (we may offer paid advertising on the blog in the future to support web hosting fees, however).
  • The ‘apolitical’ tag (but not the rule behind it). The word became the focus more than the rules behind the word. The rule still exists, however. We will not be featuring events that focus solely on women’s experiences in gaming.

I’m really excited about these changes. We learned a lot from the first two ConTessas, and I’m super happy to be working with a group of women intent on constantly making ConTessa better and better.

We’ve already got quite a few great articles queued up and ready to roll out. You’ll be seeing them pop up here very shortly. I’m currently working on the forums, event submission pages and display, and profiles. Now that we’ve officially relaunched, we’ll also be planning our next events, so get ready for some gaming!

While we're still rolling out some new things, make sure to check out our new About Us page as well as our social media links. Then, if you have any questions, feel free to use the contact form there to drop us a line!

Founder’s Forum is an at-least monthly column written by the founder of ConTessa, Stacy Dellorfano. Here, she waxes poetic about all things ConTessa. If you’d like to have Stacy address one of your questions, send her an email at