Founder's Forum: Become an ENnies Judge and Move the Needle


Greetings, and happy Pride Month, ConTessans!

It's that time of year! The ENnies are now looking for people to self-nominate themselves for judge positions, and they are in dire need of some marginalized voices. ENnies judges look at all the products submitted for a given year's awards, then narrow them down to the final five for each category. The public then gets an opportunity to vote, and the final awards are given out at a special event during Gen Con.

The awards have been held since 2001, with a full ceremony at Gen Con for the past several years. Personally, I think the ENnies are more important and prestigious than any other tabletop gaming award because the award comes from the fanbase. This has led to work form small publishers that often would labor in darkness and near-obscurity to see the light of day, compete head-to-head with giant corporations, and even get a chance to beat them.

Unfortunately, for all but a handful of years, the list of judges for the ENnies has been primarily of the default demographic. I want to change that, and I need your help to do it. Nominate yourself as a judge for next year!

Judges read and try out bunches of RPG products, so it’s a great opportunity for an eager player to find out about the newest things out on the market, and a wealth of creativity and knowledge for GMs and game designers alike. What’s more, you’ll be continuing the mission of representation by crashing an arena normally dominated by the default demographic.

Head on over to the ENnies site to self-nominate, but you’ll need to do so before July 6th! And if you do, send me a note at!

Enjoy Pride Month, Y’all!
Stacy Dellorfano
ConTessa Founder & CEO