Gen Con 2016 Fundraising - Call for PDF Donations!

Gen Con 2016 is officially only 98 days away, and we've got some heavy fundraising goals we need to make to get all the support material made for the 40+ women-led events we'll be running!

Last year, we spent about $1800 on the goods, and this year we'll have more events and more participants, so we're looking to generate about $2500 to meet our goals this year! At present, we're sitting at about $700 in donations, so we need about $1800 to get there! 

One initiative we'll be starting on May 1st is to offer a bundle of donated PDFs on Gumroad as a free gift in exchange for a Pay-What-You-Want donation with a starting price equal to half the retail price of all the PDFs within the bundle. If we get enough submissions, we'll split the submissions up into multiple 'themed' bundles to keep the cost reasonable!

The details: 

  • We'll accept pretty much anything gaming related: Zines, Adventures, Full Games, Artwork... even if it's something you might otherwise give away for free. 
  • The bundle will run from May 1st 2016 - July 1st 2016 via Gumroad
  • We need your PDF and its retail cost by Friday, April 29th. 
  • The bundle will be given away as a thank-you gift to those who donate a minimum amount plus Pay-What-You-Want to ConTessa. 
  • The proceeds from these donations will make it possible for us to run 40+ women-led panels, workshops, seminars, LARPs, board games, and roleplaying games at Gen Con 2016. 
  • To donate, send your PDF and the retail cost to

Other ways publishers can promote their works to our GMs: 

  • Add a business card or postcard-size flyer to our swag bags: $50 (for about 40 bags)
  • Purchase a 1/4 page ad in our program / brochure: $250 (3 remaining)
  • To purchase one of these options, send a message to

Don't have a PDF you can donate? Consider donating directly!

Donate to Our Gen Con 2016 Fund

Thanks, everyone! Our fantastic supporters have already purchased enough t-shirts, posters, and lanyards that we're well on our way to getting the funds we need! We look forward to seeing you at Gen Con and running some aaawwwwweeeeessssooommmmmeeeee games and events!

Gen ConStacy Dellorfano