Gen Con 2016 Fundraising - Only $500 Left to Go - PDFs, Lanyards, and a New T-Shirt Drive!

Hello everyone! We're nearing the end of our fundraising with only about $500 left to go to get to our final goal. We have enough cash raised to get T-Shirts for our GM, and to print our brochures - now we're just finishing up fundraising for new lanyards and buttons to give away to all our fantastic attendees. Anything above and beyond that will go to travel and website expenses. 

There are currently four great ways you can help us get to our goal: 

#1 Buy a 2015 Lanyard

Over at Etsy, I've got up a listing for one of our 2015 lanyard, plus a set of buttons for $15! We've only got six of these puppies left, so make sure to pick up yours ASAP! 

#2 Buy a Mascot Tee from Teespring

For the next 7 days, you can pick up one of 6 T-Shirt designs at our Teespring shop! We've even got a 7th shirt in kid's sizes! 

⬆︎ "Do it Anyway" on Back, Blank Front

⬆︎ Mascot on Front, Blank Back

⬆︎"Do it Anyway" on Back, Choice of Mascot on Front

⬆︎ Kid's Mascot Tee With "Do it Anyway" on Back


#3 Donate for PDFs

Several of our great sponsors have handed over PDFs from their collections to be offered up as free gifts in exchange for donating to ConTessa. These bundles will go away forever on July 1st, so pick one up today! 

PS: If you have any problems with Gumroad accepting your credit card, use the Paypal option and enter your CC info there (you don't need a Paypal account to do this). 

#4 Add Your Swag to Our Bag

For a $50 donation, we'll add a flier or business card no larger than 5"x7" to the 40 Thank-You bags we'll be handing out to all the GMs and panelists helping us out at Gen Con. You'll be directly connecting with active GMs and industry professionals who run games and events at conventions, who have the potential to spread word about your game or product to all their friends. 

To get your swag in our bag, contact