It’s Better Than Ever to be a Woman at Gen Con

I have a LOT of happy news for you on this shiny new Monday! Most of it pertains to Gen Con, but I couldn’t help sharing a few other happy tidbits at the end.

Gen Con News

  • Congratulations to the 2016 Industry Insiders program Guest of Honor Michael Pondsmith and Featured Presenters, who for the first time are 52% women! One of the Featured Presenters, game designer and publisher Anna Kreider, blogged about the gender breakdown of similar programs at other cons and emphasizes that this step is, indeed, a huge deal. (Also, her blog is just generally fantastic and you should check it out.) Congrats to the game designers, editors, publishers, artists, community organizers, podcasters, and all the other gaming-related hats that these excellent people wear.
  • It’s expensive to attend cons! Badges, travel, hotel rooms, and food all add up. We’re All Queer As A 3-Sided Die is raising money to fund scholarships for industry vets who are queer people of color to come to Gen Con and participate in their panel on sexual and gender identity in gaming. They’ve funded nearly two scholarships, and if you donate at certain levels you can receive pdf gifts of some great RPG products! 

ConTessa @ Gen Con

Registration for Gen Con Events started yesterday, and as of writing this, we only have three tickets left for Tabletop RPGs at our Thursday game night, and a handful more for the non-RPG games. Some of our seminars, workshops, and LARPs still have tickets - be sure to check them out, either the descriptions at our website or on Gen Con’s Event Finder! Thanks to all of the volunteers, panelists, and attendees for making this Gen Con great for us already!

We are still fundraising for ConTessa’s Gen Con costs, which go to covering a few badges for our dedicated volunteers as well as printing programs that help get the word out about women-led events. Here are a couple ways to help us out:

If you would like to advertise, talk to one of us! There are opportunities for ad space in our Gen Con programs that will be given out at our events and at several booths, or put your business card or flyer in the swag bags that go to our volunteers! Also, an interested party would be welcome to advertise by sponsoring my popular RPGs with Kids Panel, for which there only remains 5/50 tickets! (Eek!)

If you’re a woman who would like to advertise your product/services, we’d love to throw your business card/flyer in our swag bags free of charge!

Donate Here to get RPG and Zine PDFs for your donations, going through June 1st! Gumroad’s Paypal-based credit card payments seem to be working best.

And of course, normal donations are always appreciated as well!

To all those who have helped us so far, whether with money, time, products, signal-boosting, or kind words, thank you. All of this helps keep us going!

Assorted Joyful Tidbits

  • Encounter Roleplay breaks down Gender Representation in RPG books, and there are some really great trends in this arena! Monte Cook Games gets a special shout out for having a significant percentage of neutral-gendered figures in their books as well as equally-represented male and female figures.
  • Big Bad Con is a con known for a commitment to the safety and inclusion of its attendees, and it is crowdfunding on Kickstarter right now. If you can’t attend (like me), they have a backer level for contributing to a scholarship fund for folks who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford attending the con. One of the organizers, Sean Nittner, was interviewed this week on Backstory Podcast by Alex Roberts, who also happens to be a Gen Con Industry Insider this year! It’s a great episode.
  • In the sci-fi writing world, the Nebula Awards had lots of women on their slates, and many walked away with the top award of their category! Fantastic.