Gen Con 2016 Panels: Exploring the Creative Process

Moderator: Stacy Dellorfano
Guests: Monica Marlowe (Know Direction), Lynne Hardy (Cogs, Cakes & Swordsticks), and Kiel Chenier (Dungeons & Donuts

Everyone creates in unique, interesting, and often amazing ways, but we don't spend a lot of times talking to each other about how we create. I love picking people's brains (some might say I'm part zombie) about how they create so I can get new ideas for my own creative space. 

Exploring the Creative Process is an intimate, casual, and informal discussion with a handful of creators about what kinds of tools - real and metaphorical - they use to bring their creations to light. We hope that by sharing this information, it demystifies some of the creative process and empowers others to jump into the deep end! 

I've done this panel three times, now, and I've learned something new every time! This year, my favorite parts were watching the audience take notes and listening to Monica bring the power of scent to creativity through Adventure Scents. This is a great little panel that I'll definitely be running next year with all new creatives, so be sure to stop by!