Gen Con 2016 Panels: Paladins and Petticoats

Moderator: Jacqueline Bryk
Co-Host: Abigail Davis

Jacqueline's Notes: 

This was my second year running stuff with ConTessa, and my first time ever running a panel. My co-host was a lolita and not a gamer (until GenCon). Most of the audience were totally unfamiliar with lolita. I was a little nervous at first, but as you can hear, it turned out great!

While the panel was originally about lolita and gaming, it shifted more towards being a lolita 101 panel as the time progressed. Abigail and I covered the history of lolita, the structure of an outfit (or coordinate, usually shortened to "coord"), the different substyles of lolita, lolita community, lolita brands, body positivity and lolita, misconceptions and stereotypes, and lolita in popular culture. We even got to use the other lolita in the audience as an example of a different style. Our audience was super polite and engaged, and we had a great time. I look forward to presenting this again next year!

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