Gen Con 50 GM Spotlight Vol. 1

Gen Con 50 is getting closer and with event registration coming up on May 28th, we'd like to feature some of our amazing GMs! With 82 ConTessa events registered with Gen Con so far, we've got too many folks to highlight in just one post so here's the first installment of what will be a regular feature on the ConTessa Blog until, well....until we've introduced you to all our GMs!  

Luke Elias - Redford, MI

Luke loves Headspace for taking the common unavoidable table talk and incorporating it into the game. You don't roll to succeed in Headspace, you roll to see what sort of complications come from your success and the emotions that occur when you're permanently mentally linked with your crew. He's excited for the possibilities of community building through storytelling and is so happy to be able to help create a safe space in which we can grow as storytellers together with Contessa.

You can also find Luke on twitter at @PunQuillity.

Events - "It's Getting a Little Crowded in Here" a Headspace Adventure - Game Code RPG17108902 / Noisy Person Cards - Game Code BGM17112657

Wendy Dembowski - Brooklyn, NY

Wendy will be running a game of Tiny Epic Kingdoms, a small sized board game where you compete with other players to grow your kingdom. Wendy likes this game because its not super light, while being quick and easy to learn and play. She's excited about meeting new people and introducing them to a fun little game that travels well.

Event - Tiny Epic Kingdoms - Game Code BGM17116970

Amancay Kugler - Chicago, IL

"I really like the story-based vibe of Cypher System, which cuts down on complicated dice rolling and stat sheets, and allows me to focus on making a rich and vibrant world for my players to interact with. Gods of the Fall taps into my love of mythology, and puts it in a cool dystopian/ hero's rise to power story line. I love getting to see the characters grow in power, and giving them some really complex ideas to wrestle with. I'm really happy to be back with Contessa. Last year's event was the first time I GM'd in public, and it gave me the confidence to run a biweekly campaign at home. At Gen Con you can also find me running 3 dance/ movement events under my name, Amancay Kugler, and also as a part of Acrobatica Infiniti: The Nerd Circus."

Event - "Gods of the Fall: Rite of Spring" a Cypher adventure - Game Code RPG17105426

Scott "Tracy" Sizemore - Arizona

I first discovered ConTessa at GenCon in 2015, and I felt an instant connection to those involved. The following year I played in my first ConTessa game, and this year I’m proud and excited to be able to run games as a ConTessan myself!

ConTessa has played a big role in my decision to come out as genderqueer / transgender. While my games may be listed under Scott, it’s Tracy who will be running them, so please don’t hesitate to call me Tracy at the gaming table with the preferred pronouns of she, her, and hers.

I’ll be running three events for ConTessa this year. One is a teen detective game in Fate Core with some setting rules I developed specific to the teen detective genre. Another is a teenage superheroes game in Savage Worlds in which your team of young supers are under the mentorship of a powerful and well meaning, but emotionally flawed teacher. I love coming of age stories, and the excitement, fresh perspective, mistakes, and the narrative arcs associated with learning to live, love, and help others in what can be a cynical world.

My third game is set in the far future, in a cluster of stars called the Han Cluster. You play the experienced crew of a small freighter who intercepts a distress signal from a legendary trading ship relentlessly targeted by pirates. The risks of helping are great, but the potential rewards go far beyond monetary gain. It’s not uncommon for me to get emotional at the conclusion of this adventure, so I apologize ahead of time!

More than anything, I’m excited to gather people together in the environment of ConTessa and play games that I am passionate about, and adventures that I developed myself. I want to share with all of you who I really am through the games that I run, the NPCs I inhabit, and the discovery of the story we will tell together.

Events - Teen Crush - Teenage Supers Who Want to be Heroes - Savage Worlds - Game Code RPG17112665 / The Han Cluster: The Rasitor Calamity - Fate - Game Code RPG17110665 / The Case of the Doping Dolphin: A Teen Detective Mystery - Fate - Game Code RPG17110666

Bailey Nichols