Gen Con is Just Around the Corner!

Hello everyone! Only 18 more days until Gen Con! I thought I'd give you a quick update blog post to let you know where we are with everything, and give you some updates on our Gen Con events, and let you know what we did with all the money we raised through T-Shirt sales, lanyard sales, direct donations, and publisher sponsorships! 

Diana Jones Award Nomination

But first, let's address the pyramid in the room! Last year, at Gen Con I was more than tickled to accept a gold ENnie for all the efforts our staff and guest bloggers put into our awesome blog. This year, we didn't submit ConTessa to the ENnies (don't worry, we'll be back next year!), so it came as complete baffled surprise to hear that we've made the short list for the exclusive Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming.

ConTessa is a fresh, passionate organization dedicated to getting more women to play, discuss, and create tabletop roleplaying games. They started out as a blog dedicated to this purpose and quickly developed a series of free online seminars, hangouts, and events to bring women into the RPG fold. Last year they moved into face-to-face encounters by launching a track of their own inside Gen Con, the largest tabletop gaming convention in the world, innovatively creating a con inside a con.

This nomination is particularly special because of the closed nature of the Award Committee. I, personally, am deeply honored to receive the nomination. Also, it came right when I needed that last little push of energy to get through the last of the preparation stages before Gen Con!

Events Update

Click to check out the PDF of our program!

Click to check out the PDF of our program!

Take a look at our map, which is part of our program! You'll be able to find your way to ConTessa events the super easy way... assuming you know where you are when you start! 

  1. Thursday Night Gaming Event
  2. Panels on Friday & Saturday
  3. Zombie LARP on Saturday
  4. Saturday Morning Cartoons on Saturday

Our handy Event Guides will be available at some booths within the exhibit hall and at any of our events. Guides contain a full list of all our events, plus the map above to help you find everything!

All our games on Thursday night are currently full, but we will be providing the GMs with table tents they can set up to indicate they're looking for more players in the event of no-shows. If you're looking to get into a game, come by with some generic tickets, and we might be able to offer you a spot! 

If you'd like to come by and chat with me, the best time to do that would be Thursday night while the Game Night is under way. I won't be running a game myself, so you'll find me at our only empty table, chatting it up with whoever wants to hang out. 

The following events aren't sold out and still have space available: 

Swag Update


Thanks to all the generous gamers out there who bought our merchandise and donated their hard-earned cash, we were able to pick up all the swag we were hoping to get for both our GM swag bags, and to give out to the public! 

We were able to pick up twice the number of lanyards this year, so we should have plenty to go around! We'll be giving away lanyards and buttons at all of our events, so stop by one of our events to get yours! 

Our special edition Gen Con T-Shirts will only get handed out in our GM Thank-You bags (along with offers from gaming companies, and a few more pieces of swag), but we'll be launching a Teespring campaign at our shop there just before Gen Con to help generate funds for next year and any other conventions we might be able to hit. When we launch that campaign, we'll also re-launch all the designs we've run over the course of the year to facilitate a new batch of fundraising for next year's con and any other cons we can try to attend this year! 

I look forward to seeing all of you at Gen Con! It's guaranteed to be an awesome year!