Golden Cobras Playing Differently in The Deep Forest - a reality TV show

This week brings us some amazing free content, as well as some Patreon items: The Golden Cobra is a contest for freeform games, and they've put out an anthology of last year's entries. It's a treasure trove over 40 freeform games, so play and enjoy!

As a thank you to their YouTube subscribers, Indie+ released an anthology of gaming resources. Check it out, and if you like what you see, head over to their YouTube channel for more great content.

Thanks to her Patreon, Avery Mcdaldno released a new version of her game The Quiet Year, created with Mark Diaz Truman. In The Deep Forest, you are a group of monsters who have one year to reclaim your lands from the damage the humans wrought.

Speaking of Patreons, Different Play is focused on pairing new designers with established industry veterans in order to publish their work. In addition to paying everyone involved, they are also committed to supporting designers from underrepresented backgrounds. In fact, they're looking for designers, and you can contact them at

I'm suggesting the 7th issue of the Fate Codex for a specific reason - it contains Cheyenne Rae Grimes and Nicole Winchester's piece on bringing reality TV to life with Fate. They started developing this idea at the same Hack Night I attended, and it's amazing to see the first published work come out of that one night.

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