Happy Holidays From ConTessa

Hello everyone!

The ConTessa Blog has been a little quiet lately as we’ve been gearing up for the new direction of the organization. But fear not! There have been a few additions and changes that are going to get things moving again.

First off, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Emily Danvers and I’m the new Managing Editor here for the ConTessa Blog. I’ve been gaming in some form or another for as long as I can remember, but it was Stacy who got me into tabletop gaming a few years back after meeting on Storium. Fast forward to today and I’m currently gaming for ~15 hours a week, a little more than half of which I’m DMing. I firmly blame Stacy for my addiction.

So as the new Managing Editor, I have all sorts of fun plans for the Blog! We’re definitely going to be increasing the number of guest writers on here, and on top of that, we’ll hopefully be adding a few new staff writers as well. Please, if you’re interested in guest writing or writing a regular panel, please don’t hesitate to go to this link and let us know what your ideas are! I’d love to chat!

In the meantime, we’re going to have a few regular sections. The new regulars you can look forward to are reviews of cool geeky products, books, games, etc, along with tales of the table, posts about what goes on at our regular games. We’re still looking for more ideas, so if you have some, please let us know!

But all of this will start off after things have settled down after the holidays. For now, everyone at ConTessa would like to wish you and your loved ones a happy holidays!

Unfortunately, we know the sad reality that not everyone can be so lucky this holiday season, and for some of us, it can be downright painful, whether you’re in a marginalized group or just have a family that can’t or won’t be there for you. As a queer woman myself, I know well the pain that can come around the holidays for people whose loved ones are less than understanding. If you’re having trouble this holiday, please make sure you take time for yourself if you need it, or tell the people who love and accept you that maybe you need a reminder of that this time of year. Especially considering everything that’s happened so far in 2016. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or to go looking for positivity. I’ll provide some links at the bottom for places to go to feel just a little bit better.

Even if you haven’t looked much into ConTessa yet, know that all of us here welcome you. You’re valuable, you’re important, and we honestly truly can’t wait to have you around our table. So please, have a safe, happy, and wonderful holiday.

Your Holiday Mom - Your Holiday Mom is a really cute collection of letters aimed toward the LGBTQ+ community. A nice escape for a little while.

Trans Lifeline - If you’re gender non-conforming and feeling really low during the holiday, please reach out to the Trans Lifeline if you need to. They’re there to help talk you through the dark moments.

The Trevor Project - The Trevor Project serves much the same purpose as the Trans Lifeline, but for anyone in the LGBTQ+ rainbow. Another is Switchboard.

Calming Masterpost - This tumblr post has a lot of amazing resources for feeling better or just escaping for awhile. It came about as a response to the election, but I think it still holds a lot of relevance. (Also I highly recommend some of those hot chocolate recipes or even a cookie/brownie in a mug. Some warm and sweet to drink or munch on does wonders.)

emily@contessa.rocks - I’ll be around all through the holidays, so if you just want to drop a line and say hi and chat about gaming, I’m more than happy to! Don’t hesitate to send me an email :)