Interview with a ConTessa GM: Kyrinn Eis

In this series, we’ve asked the women who ran events to talk to us about the whole experience so you can get an inside view of what it’s like to run at ConTessa! Kyrinn Eis ran her game for us during our Game Weekend in February 2015.

Say hi, and tell everyone a little about yourself and what you did at ConTessa.

Hi.  I am a child of foreign language educators, an early-age RPG adopter, game designer, and thorn in the side.  I ran a game using the 2d6+6 or ‘Yes,  No, and Unexpected’ system which I wrote after seeing the fun folks were having with story games like Apocalypse World.


How did you choose those events?

I had the most basic idea for the scenario and I thought that the players would be the betters to determine how to proceed with the scenario.  The cues they provided drove the narrative, and my NPCs and Events were resolved by their actions, as true to AW as 2d6+6 was ever going to be.  They seemed to have fun with it.


What was the best part?

The ending where one of the PCs almost failed to escape from the scarred surface world, and instead was rescued, brought back to prehistoric earth.  We joked about the effects of his having the knowledge he did, and how bootstrapping could occur in human history as a result.


If you had ultimate power (muahahaha), what would you change for the next ConTessa?

Greater player turnout, more games that don’t require knowledge of elaborate systems, and more women being awesome.


Why is ConTessa important to you?
Women as repressed minorities in America still are underrepresented in a field that has absolutely no biological advantage for one physical sex over another, let alone any gender or orientation, etc.- expressions.  ‘Alternate’ viewpoints just means not White CIS male, het or not.  Women and other underrepresented minority groups need to get more light, or at the very least, bring those in the light willingly down on a guided tour of the darkness.