LANtasy 2017 Looking for GMs

ConTessa is just getting into full swing recruiting for Gen Con 2017 and for Big Gay OnCon, but we're not the only organization looking for GMs! If you're not running or attending something for Big Gay OnCon that weekend (official announcement coming soon!), and you're in the Victoria, BC area, sign up for or attend LANtasy! They reached out to us directly asking for ConTessans to join, so please give them some love! Here is their official announcement:

LANtasy 2017 ( will be held March 18-19 2017 in Victoria BC, Canada. We are a broad spectrum gaming convention with board games, roleplaying games, miniature games, and a LAN, as well as cosplay, vendor and exhibitor booths.

LANtasy Gaming Society (a non-profit) has been running gaming events over the past 6 years in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. LANtasy 2016 was our first broad spectrum gaming convention and it greatly exceeded our hopes for attendance, to the point of having to increase our insurable capacity. With our 2017 event we will be doubling floor space, adding features, doubling exhibitor booths, and greatly increasing the size of our staple events. Our 2016 attendance was approximately 600 people, and for 2017 we are looking to have 1100 attendees.

The vision of LANtasy is to host the best gaming events in Western Canada, connecting gamers with vendors, sponsors, and other like-minded parties in an event that is not commonly catered to and brings together the casual, enthusiast and elite gamers in an atmosphere that is exciting and entertaining to all involved.

We are also looking for people to run board game and roleplaying game events in exchange for a weekend pass. You can fill out our volunteer form here.