Love Letter: Tremulus

Dear Tremulus,

You’re truly frightening. Now, I know that’s not how I should start when detailing why I love you, but you are. The simplistic nature of your structure, your mechanics, the two six-sided die, the horror of the Tentacle Monsters and Mad Gods. It’s rare that a game makes me concerned for my character’s well-being as they slowly transcend into madness.

You’re simple, the character can’t advance, and why live through it? There are no happy endings with you, and perhaps that’s the beauty in it.

It’s intimate, between the storyteller, the players and me, the smaller the better as if we could hear our thoughts squeaking.

Tremulus, you make my heart quicken and make me want to cry because it feels like I might not survive this.

You go into the dark corners of minds, thoughts and terror.

You’re beautiful.


I will go down kicking, screaming.

Thank you.






My night terrors will be in your honor.