Meet Liz, our newest staff member!

Liz, welcome to the Contessa staff. What is your secret plan in joining?

To meet as many awesome people as possible! And hopefully write some cool articles at the same time. 

What do you have to say about this weird bond you have with Ari? 

That Ari is a perfect, sparkling butterfly and should never have her wings clipped. And:

People have called it cosmic, others call it beautiful and romantic. What are your words on it?

What games are you currently playing?

WITCH, Vampire the Masquerade : Dark Ages, and video game-wise I am trying to get through Dragon Age Inquisition, but it makes me sad because I miss DA:O.

When did you start role-playing?

I was role playing from a very early age, in terms of having and over active imagination and pretending I was a mermaid in my pool or that Barbie and Ken and second Barbie had a love triangle. Practically, I starter form role playing in high school and then when I hit University is when I discovered ttrpgs. So, going on 15 years or so now. 

What do you prefer: GMing or playing?

I prefer playing, but I am the token GM of our group. Floor (my Angry Hamster Publishing partner in crime) started GMing a game last year and I was soooo happy. She is a great story teller and it makes me super happy to be a player again.

What do you want to do in Contessa besides revealing the strength of friendship and the power of Taylor Swift?

When you guys asked me to join I was like:

I'd love to help Stacy with her whole 'introduce people to OSR' campaign. I love OSR games and it would be a lot of fun to GM for people who have never played them or hated them and decided to try again. Also, I really love how Contessa give practical advice to people who want to game and I would love to continue that and make you ladies proud :D.