Monster Fridays: The Gemini

Every week in October we'll be bringing you a system-agnostic monster to plug into your games. This time we have the Gemini, created by Brie Sheldon and illustrated by Sarah Richardson.

The Gemini appears first as a large, fleshy bulb, much like a flower bulb. However, when awakened, it unfolds into two humanoid bodies, back to back. The spines of the two creatures are fused from tailbone to brain stem. The smell of blood precedes them, as it should - the creatures bleed from orifices where eyes, nose, mouth, and ears should be. 

By nature, the Gemini are hibernating creatures, simply lying half-buried in the ground, absorbing all metals from the surrounding soil. When agitated, they attack, flailing and screeching until they grab hold of any weapons pointed their way.

They use kinetic sense to determine where threats are, and once they take hold of any weapon, they leech out the iron, steel, and other metals until nothing is left but dust. While absorbing the metals, they stop bleeding, and a soft sucking sound can be heard from their hands. If examined, their hands show each an orifice shaped for suction that can hold on easily to any surface. 

Their skin is impenetrable except by wooden weapons and fire. To kill them, one must split the two halves apart. When split apart, the Gemini hemorrhage blood and shrivel into dried husks.