Monster Fridays: The Luid

Every week in October we'll be bringing you a system-agnostic monster to plug into your games. This time we have the Luid, created by Ethel B and illustrated by Sarah Richardson.

Luids are small dragon-like humanoid creatures. Juvenile luids are brightly colored – green, gold or blue – but as they reach maturity, their scaled hides toughen and darken. Adult luids are generally brown or brownish-black, although many retain some shading from their youthful coloration. Luids walk upright on powerful legs, similar to the hind legs of a goat. They have bat-like wings attached to bony ridges that run from the shoulder blade to the hip. When extended, the wingspan is about the same as the individual’s height – 3.5ft to 4ft. Luids cannot fly, but the combination of a relatively light frame, muscular legs, and flexible, leathery wings gives them amazing leaping and gliding abilities, mechanically similar to a flying squirrel. Luids can leap from great heights and glide long distances, using their wings to steer and their substantial tails for ballast and balance.


Although generally peaceful, when threatened luids can be quite fierce. Individual luids are not especially tough or powerful, but when amassed in fighting numbers, they can overpower small groups of more powerful enemies with biting and clawing attacks, while deftly dodging counterattacks with their remarkable quickness and agility. Luid shamans possess magical attacks reminiscent of their dragonlord origins, albeit much less powerful, and many clans count a healer in their numbers.


Luid Shaman Level 3(9)

Luid shamans adorn themselves with brightly colored silk cords hung with beads and bone charms, and sometimes elaborately embroidered loincloths and chest pieces. Although they are capable of the usual biting and clawing attacks, they are more likely to remain at a distance, relying on spells to battle their foes.


Motive: Protection of the clan.

Health: 9

Damage Inflicted: Standard attack (3) Magic attack (4)

Armor: 2

Movement: Short (Long, when gliding)

Modifications: Speed defense as Level 5

Combat: Shamans are specialists and will possess one of the following magic attacks:

Icy Spear: A piercing shaft of ice that propels itself at an enemy within medium range and cannot be dodged, but may be broken or blocked with a shield or parried weapon.

Fireball: A sphere of fire about the size of a soccer ball that flies at an enemy within medium range and cannot be dodged, but may be doused with water or extinguished in the same way as any fire.

Magnetism: A magnetic beam able to attract and return to the shaman one ferromagnetic metal object up to 100lbs. within medium range.

Acid Air: The shaman breathes a cone of acidic air causing corrosive damage to anyone and anything directly in front of the shaman within medium range that is not blocked by any other object or creature.

Most shamans are also capable of an inspiration chant that will toughen the resolve of any ally within medium range. The chant increases speed defense by 1 step. The chant takes two turns to complete.

Interaction: Luids are fully sentient humanoids. When not threatened they are not aggressive, but may be shy and remain hidden until they are assured of safety.

Use: A powerful lord has sent the PCs to divert the luids’ water supply to his own fields. It turns out he wishes to drive the luids from their encampment to settle in his city where he can enslave them.

Loot: Luids will generally have little loot on them. Perhaps a coin or two or a carved non-magical ring or charm, but shaman charms are sought after by certain collectors of magic items and may be of use to a PC hoping to learn luid secrets.

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