Panel Video - Hangout Gaming: All The Best Bits

 Moderator: Stacy Dellorfano

Join us as we kick off ConTessa by talking about the unique joys and challenge of running tabletop roleplaying games via Hangout on Google+. We’ll talk about our preferred methods of playing, and cover VTT (Virtual Tabletop) experiences as well as more bare-bones experiences.

My guests for this topic will be:

+Christopher Helton, who runs the Dorkland blog and is just finishing up his round of Roundtable discussions, and is quite fond of holding the map up to the camera when the mapper isn’t looking.

+David Rollins, who is usually the mapper who isn’t looking. He’s also done been part of VTT testing and finds that he prefers experience without VTTs.

+Kristin Carlson, who comes to us an as expert on Roll20, the VTT that allows you to use ALL the bells and whistles all at once.

+Rachel Ventura from Frog God Games, to talk to about us from the perspective of the one ‘on the other side of the hangout’ so to speak.

We’ll also be taking audience questions, so feel free to add yours here!