Panel Video: I'm a 30 year old D&D noob.

Mod: Laura Tomaja

Panelists: +Jill Pullara +Annah Madriñan +Shoe Skogen +solange simondsen

When did you start playing table-top RPG’s? In middle school or high school? Did a friend ask you to join their group? You’re hooked now, right? Or not? Are you also new to RPG’s and wondering if anyone else feels as lost as you do? Welcome to “I’m a 30 year old D&D noob.”

As a seasoned player, you might not understand how daunting it can seem for someone in their 30s to start playing, with no prior experience. How do you find a game, when none of your friends play. What’s it like to start with a complex rule system. How badly did we screw up the first few times. What GM in their right mind would want to watch college-educated adults fail this badly? Part story, part humor, part education.