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Panel Video - The ConTessa Open Art Jam!

Moderator: Zannah

Whether you’re an old school illustrator, a digital whiz, like to dabble in doodling, or just enjoy watching others draw, come hang out and join the fun!

Hangout will be hosted by me, Zannah. =) I’m a freelance illustrator, and I work primarily in watercolors and specialize in cute, fuzzy things. Other artists and spectators both are welcome to join in. There is no minimum skill level requirement, though I will ask that you *PLEASE* keep your subject matter kid safe so that anyone can comfortably view. Questions and chatter are encouraged.

Bring your pencil, paintbrush, tablet, or mouse, and come draw with me!

Panel Video - Role-Playing Without Mechanics

Panel Video - Hangout Gaming: All The Best Bits