Project Sci-Fi Epimas: soundtracks & bundles

Here's some of the best tabletop shopping out there this week:  Do you like to play music for your tabletop group to help them get into the right headspace? Then check out Strangelette's Kickstarter for Sci Fi Soundtracks. With 6 successful projects under her belt and the project already way past its initial goal, Strangelette has your sci fi gaming soundtrack covered. There's just 7 days left on this Kickstarter.

The current Bundle of Holding is packed full of family friendly RPGs like Project Ninja Panda Taco, where you play a Mastermind trying to take over the world with the help of your minions, and Mermaid Adventures, which allows you to play as merfolk of various stripes: fishfolk, eelfolk, octofolk, even urchinfolk. Get it now so you can convert all your extended family into gamers over the holidays.

And finally, we have a unreserved plug for ourselves and some other fantastic designers. Head over to Epidiah Ravachol's World Without Master and get in on Epimas! There are bundles of games for everyone, but best of all, when you buy one, you can chose a friend to get the same set. You may notice Stacy & I's Randomocity zine on the Naughty list, along with awesomeness like kill puppies for satan by Vincent Baker. Some other highlights include Hannah Shaffer's Questlandia, Dangers Untold by Shoshana Kessock, Misericord(e) by Emily Care Boss, Meguey Baker'sThe Holly and the Ivy,and Varulvarna by Julie Ellingboe, plus more!