Queen City Conquest GM Spotlight

We are under 10 days away from Queen City Conquest - want to find out more about all the wonderful GMs running tables at ConTessa? Look no further: 

Jane Calvert (They/Them)

jane calvert.jpg

Jane Calvert has been running games at Queen City Conquest since the convention began. After a brief break last year, they are back with their recently updated Eldritch Horror LEGACY campaign-style game that incorporates all expansions - including custom game components. Jane's work in the gaming community currently focuses on game design that improves convention play for HP Lovecraft-themed games, and teaching people how to play any game that players struggle to learn. Jane doesn't spend all their time customizing game mechanics or tackling new rule books, though. Jane is also a registered dietitian building a new business (feel free to ask them about Food Focused Nutrition), a dog-lover (doggo pics always welcome!), and a singer/songwriter/musician slowly re-entering the open mic scene.

Stacy Dellofano (They/Them)


Stacy founded ConTessa in 2013, which started with supporting women in gaming. In 2016, they made organization intersectional in response to the growing need for representational support in tabletop gaming. When Stacy is not working on ConTessa, they also write, design, and art direct roleplaying games of all sorts.

Stacy will be running Tales from the Loop, and Corporia at QCC this year.

Mariam Ahmad (They/She)


Mariam has been playing and running D&D games for over a decade, whether its for an international group of players online, or at local and international gaming conventions. Currently working on a D&D5E custom campaign setting inspired by a high fantasy, pre-colonial, medieval Indian subcontinent of a thousand small city-states, Mariam hopes to finish and publish their first work soon.

Mariam will be playtesting and running their custom campaign setting (working title Sarzameen) at QCC this year. 

Christopher Helton (HE/HIM)


Christopher is a long time blogger, longer time tabletop role-playing gamer and former writer for Bleeding Cool and EN World. He handles public and media relations for ConTessa. 

Chris will be running a couple of early playtests for the upcoming Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for the Fate role-playing game.

Rebecca Crane (She/ Her)

rebecca crane.png

Rebecca is an avid gamer. Be it console, board, or RPG's, she loves to play and run games. She currently runs Tier 1 Dungeons & Dragons at her local gaming store, and Tier 3's for her at home game. Rebecca teaches preschoolers at Head Start and loves to introduce her littles to games.

At QCC, Rebecca will be running a series of card games that only require a regular deck of cards. These games are easy to learn and teach and can be played with children of different ages. She plays many of these games with her family members - adults, preteens, and elementary students. Rebecca will provide a handout for those playing, and will have some extras printed for those who want to pass by our tables and grab some.

Heather Heim & Autumn Armstrong-Berg (She/Her)

Heather + Autumn.jpg

Heather has been a tabletop gamer for over thirty years, and loves are GURPS, D&D, Delta Green, and Kult. Heather started painting miniatures when she was 15, and is a huge advocate of using miniatures in tabletop play. She feels most at home when painting with a group of people. 

Autumn is a disabled stay-at-home mom and writer. Autumn is currently the WNY D&D Adventurers League coordinator, and hopes to continue its tradition of inclusiveness and acceptance. Autumn's favourite games to run are D&D and Changeling: The Lost.

Heather and Autumn will be running the Paint and Take events at QCC, where they foster and encourage more gamers to express themselves creatively through painting minis.  You can also find them at their mini painting hobby booth, Mayhem Mini Painting, located in the Vendor Hall. 

Mariam Ahmad