Roll20CON with Suzanne & Stephanie & So Many More

The virtual tabletop Roll20 is holding an online convention Friday, June 3rd: Roll20CON! Roll20 is a popular virtual tabletop with lots of features for your online gaming experience.  Basic membership is free, with some additional advanced features available to paid subscribers.

This year, Roll20CON will be bringing together tons of gamers and gaming celebrities for 24 hours of gaming goodness. Run or play a game on Roll20, check out one of the many streamed games and panels with great guests, and donate to their charitable partner CyberSmile to stop cyberbullying and receive some great gifts. If you run a game, this whole week and through the con you'll have access to Plus-level subscription features, like Dynamic Lighting. 

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Suzanne & Stephanie from Roll20 to give us the inside scoop on Roll20CON!

Hi! Why don't you both introduce yourselves to our readers and tell us what you do at Roll20/games in general?

Suzanne: Hey there! I'm Suzanne Wallace, Brand Manager at Roll20. I handle Roll20's public relations and media outreach, run our digital advertising campaigns, and manage the Marketplace. As for my personal gaming profile, I'm a big fan of Night Witches, D&D 5E, and a recent convert to The Burning Wheel. I also play a ton of single-player story-based video games.

Stephanie: My name is Stephanie Powell and I am the Community Manager for Roll20 where my focus is on all things Community, Social Media, and Customer Support. My tabletop passions range from 2nd Edition D&D to Apocalypse World. I am an avid eSports fan, video game player, and nature enthusiast.


Roll20CON is coming up Friday, June 3rd! How did this event come about, and what was the motivation for it?

Roll20CON is our love letter to our users and the industry as a whole

Roll20CON has never not been in the works; ever since Roll20 was successfully funded and fully launched, it's been the dream of cofounders Nolan, Riley, and Richard to host a convention to celebrate our amazing community. We're stoked that we can realize that dream for the first time in 2016. We're so grateful for the way the gaming world has responded to Roll20, and Roll20CON is our love letter to our users and the industry as a whole.


Which aspect of Roll20CON are you most excited about?

Suzanne: I'm getting pumped about the Publishing in the Digital Age panel that's happening at 9am PT (no surprise, as I'm moderating it)! We're thrilled to have supercool industry experts like Luke Crane of The Burning Wheel and Jessica Price of Paizo on, to chat about what game designers actually do, the miracle of streaming tabletop games, and more.

Stephanie: That's a hard one! I would have to say the 2pm PT Game with Wizards of the Coast. We will be bringing on the Dice, Camera, Action crew including Chris Perkins, Holly Conrad, & our host Anna Prosser Robinson to play with our Roll20CON Dungeon Master, James Introcaso.

Roll20CON's 24-Hour Streaming Schedule

Roll20CON's 24-Hour Streaming Schedule

What advice do you have for players and GMs coming to try out Roll20 for the first time?

Suzanne: Get involved during the Con, because you can try out in-game Plus-level features for free, that entire week! Dynamic Lighting is a great way to spice up any campaign.

Stephanie: During the event on Twitch at 5pm Pacific we will be hosting a panel called GMing in Roll20. I recommend attending this and also taking time to go through our Tutorial!


Anything else you'd like to tell the readers about Roll20CON or Roll20 itself?

Everyone who donates to Cybersmile, our official charitable partner, during Roll20CON will receive the Roll20CON Exclusive Art Pack

Everyone who donates to Cybersmile, our official charitable partner, during Roll20CON will receive the Roll20CON Exclusive Art Pack, complete with tokens & tiles from the creators on our Being a Marketplace Creator panel. You can get gorgeous content from Devin Night, Gabriel Pickard, Russ Hapke, Brass Badger Works, and Fernando Dominguez! A link to our donation page will be available at during the event.

Even if you cannot attend this 24-hour celebration, please consider heading over to, making a free account, and joining our tabletop community. We hold discussion on the public areas of to a high standard and promote a healthy and positive discourse throughout the site.


If I were to whip up a Roll20, the tasty and perhaps adult beverage, what would the recipe be?

Suzanne: Combine your favorite tabletop game with your Internet browser. Drizzle with character sheets. Shake well. Top it off with a dollop of Marketplace content, to taste. Serve to clever, fun, and playful gamers everywhere.

Stephanie: What she said, add Whiskey. :)

Fantastic! Thank you Suzanne & Stephanie for the interview. Readers, don't hesitate to go sign up for a Roll20CON game or register your own! And definitely check out those fantastic streamed games & panels! If you want some guidance on setting up your Roll20CON game, check out my little article over at GnomeStew.