Saturday Morning Cartoons @ Gen Con With Playground Adventures

Over the years, I've had a lot of people ask me if ConTessa will be running any events that would be suitable for children. Up until now, I've always had to say no! Back in January, BJ Hensley of Playground Adventures pitched to me the idea for an event that would feature games for kids and their parents to play together. The end result are a set of 8 games we'll be running Saturday morning at Gen Con designed so you and your kid(s) can play together! 

Check out a full list of games below, followed by a spotlight on Playground Adventures! 

What is Playground Adventures?

Playground Adventures is a tabletop game company dedicated to bringing family friendly adventures to your gaming table! We believe that learning to use your imagination is a skill that can be taught right alongside reading and arithmetic and that gaming should be fun for all ages. As such, we strive to make our adventures entertaining and appropriate for everyone no matter their age.  Tabletop roleplaying games can provide family togetherness, bonds of friendship, and a creative learning environment capable of being an interactive classroom for problem solving, arithmetic, reading, writing, creative thought, and so much more. And what better way to learn than together?

What kinds of things do you do, what's your focus, where do you hope to go with the company?

We primarily produce family friendly adventures and options for Pathfinder, D&D, and Hero kids. We also have upcoming releases of Choose Your Own Adventure style books by Rose Estes herself , a new rating system launching soon, and several “secret projects” in the works.  

Who is Playground Adventures?

Mostly, we’re parents. People who want to share gaming with our own families and others. We believe in education and social skills improvement through tabletop RPGs and making learning fun again!

Describe to us a few of your favorite products and why you like them...

We love Fun & Facts and After School Adventures. After School Adventures are adventure shorts designed to be played in a short time, accounting for the busy schedules of children and parents alike. Our first adventure path is actually designed around this concept. It includes several shorts that are set in wonderland and teaches children the basics of tabletop rules.

Fun & Facts is a line that educates through roleplaying. Our first full length F&F adventure is releasing soon but we currently have two After School Adventures in this line, one even has a fun science experiment to do at home!

Why did you decide to sponsor an event with ConTessa?

Playground Adventures founder, BJ Hensley, is a supporter of family togetherness and women in gaming. She felt it was a good fit to offer support to both women and children in gaming and thus Saturday Morning Cartoons was born to allow parents and children of all genders to come together and have a great time while supporting women in gaming. All proceeds from the events will be donated to ConTessa in order to further their goals of bringing women to the game table.