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Interview with Liz Chaipraditkul

An interview with Liz Chaipraditkul about her new project, WITCH!


Hi! My name is Liz and I spend way too much time on geeky stuff. This has ultimately resulted in me writing my own role play system, so in the end I believe this has been time well spent. I got into role playing while watching Star Trek TNG with my mom, I remember sitting there and being like, 'This holodeck thing needs to happen like yesterday, cause I want to pretend I am a princess who is married to Worf who lives in the Nightmare Before Christmas.' Finally, in high school when it hit me that I wasn't getting a holodeck, I found pen and paper role play games to be the next best thing.

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Interview with Elsa S. Henry

An interview with Elsa S. Henry about her new project, Dead Scare! 

So, I’m Elsa S. Henry. I’m a historian and actor by academic training. I actually have an MA in Women’s History from Sarah Lawrence College – and I’ve been a gamer for most of my life. I kind of fell into writing for games over the last year (not a complaint at all, more of a delightful surprise) and am now working almost entirely full time in the games industry as a freelancer! 

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Interview with Megan Pedersen

Say hi, and tell everyone a little about yourself.

Hi, everyone!  My name is Megan Pedersen, one of the founding members of Wheel Tree Press, a game design cooperative.  Most folks know me best as one of the hosts of the Jank Cast, a Chicago based podcast on all things gaming.  Some of my game design credits include the theatrical Fiasco playset "Break a Leg" (Bully Pulpit's Playset of the Month, June 2011) and Sparkle, Baby! a freeform LARP about glitz beauty pageants and horrible stage parents. 

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Treasure Hoard: Rent werewolves, alive or dead!

Here are some new gaming things, in case your shelves are looking a little bare:

Have you seen the amazing games coming out of Avery & Katrina's Rentpunk game jam? Take a look at this beauty, created by Nicole and Gary Winchester. In Learning the Trade: a Game about Making a Living In the Highrises of the City you play a teenager who has either had support from their family cut off, or must now contribute to the household. You choose between legit and sketchy jobs, and use a deck of cards to decide what happens to your character.

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