The OSR Dungeon Crawl Competition - Day 2 Team Mimic Vs. Team Displacer Beast

Day 2 of the OSR Dungeon Crawl Competition to close out ConTessa 2014! Thanks for making it a great convention, everybody!  

Team Mimic


Team Displacer Beast

Welcome to the second Annual ConTessa OSR Dungeon Competition! 

Here's how the competition works: 

  • Stacy (me) creates a random dungeon. The map is random, the monsters are random, the traps are random, even the 'dressing' is random. I use anywhere from 8-10 table to construct the dungeon. 
  • An hour prior to the start time, I hand off the dungeon to the GM. This is all the time they get to study the dungeon, so the environment will be just as new to you as it is to them. 
  • At start time, the group has 3 hours to complete character creation, build their group up, and get through as much of the dungeon as they possibly can. 
  • At the end, we tally up the amount of loot received, the amount of rooms explored, and the experience gained by both of the parties. 

We'll be using the Swords & Wizardry ruleset.