Treasure Hoard: Queer baby dragons drawing cool things

Treasure Hoard is back with a Kickstarter, a Patreon, and a little something to wear.

We just ran our interview with the awesome Marissa Kelly about her game, Epyllion, but can you really talk too much about baby dragons? BABY DRAGONS! Only 7 days left on the Kickstarter.

Price: Varies by level you pledge. A PDF version starts at $10.

Back it here:


Josh Roby made these queer gamer tees so you can show off exactly how you feel about discrimination based one sexual orientation. He's suggested it for GenCon, but the shirts without wording are good anywhere, anytime.

Price: $15 - $16

Get it here:




Christianne Benedict is very active on her movie blog and comics page, and you can support her efforts through her Patreon. Patrons at the $2 level will receive a custom sketchcard, and all pledges go to help support awesome stuff like the image above. Christianne does work on role playing games as well, and you can see some of her work on her blog.

Price: Pledges start at just $1 per post, with caps encouraged.

Back it here:

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