Treasure Hoard: Birthday Wishes and Tentacles to Spare

Today is Stacy Dellorfano's birthday, so head over to her G+ profile and wish her many happy returns! 

This time Treasure Hoard is bringing you a Patreon bursting with art, a Kickstarter full of horror, and something new for your jewelry box!


You've probably seen Ilya Kuvshinov's art floating around the interwebs, as she is amazingly talented. She's also getting some attention for the whopping $3,703.36 she's bringing in per week through her Patreon. Patreons get access to behind the scenes photos as well as the full psd files at some levels.

Price: Varies by level you pledge. You get the full psd files at the $5 a week level.

Back it here:


If you like your tabletop RPGs with a healthy dose of horror but want to have a hand in shaping the terror that awaits, then Josh Fox and Becky Annison's Lovecraftesque might be right for you! They're fans of Lovecraft who aren't so much in love with his views on race and mental health, and have created a game that reflects that. There's a bare bones playtest version available if you wanna dip your toes in the cold, deep waters first.

Price: Varies by level you pledge. You get the full game at the £10 level.

Back it here:


Looking for something new to show off at the game table? Check out Sheryl Westleigh's etsy shop, Noadi's Art! I was lucky enough to sit a couple tables down from Sheryl at NecronomiCon, and not only was her work beautiful, she was one of the friendliest, nicest people I met there. Although I really like her prints and sculptures, check out the d20 necklace, complete with tentacles. 

Price: Prints start at just $5, and the necklace pictured here goes for $20.

Get it here: